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  After the storm of youth

That tosses mind and soul along

There’s play, work, fame and song

Marriage, love, all the things you long.

Suddenly there comes


Lots of Sundays

Too many, I don’t feel that tired!


I have retired!

Work was the routine :

Learn to make your way!

Now work has been taken away

It takes on the perception

You play the deception

That life’s long journey has not ended

Others can make you feel suspended

Life is good now and you defend it.

You do not feel old

Go to the gym, are bold

You see how little your body can bend

You are told the knees will never mend

Silently are glad you don’t have to stand

 in labs for three hours at an end

Or lecture, act out the part to students

It is with prudence

That you made your exit.

No point in being reflective

Don’t get marooned on the defective.

 Never used to holiday without a plan

It’s conference travel and you keep a hand

In work.

  There’s an element of envy

You maintain the perception

‘Busier than ever’

And you are truly elated

That, though belated,

Travel is such fun.

 But as the membrane protecting the psyche thins,

  Anxieties set in

Haven’t worn high heels for decades

 Trousers are more practical

The colour from your face fades

As you survey the wardrobe:

If only you could

You would.

 Silently you are young

You smile and it lifts your expression

No fear of depression.

You take long walks with measure

The sound of the sea is leisure

You meditate


And discover new things in the past

Arrive at an important new task.

 You write another page

Of perception, memory and narrative

Happiness floats back in



You’re sustained


Transcendent in life splendid

You have not surrendered

The story has not yet ended.


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