Christmas 2012


When the longest day

Brings the sun high

In the sky

The land turns brown

Dry wind tosses

Leaves around, and around

Red dust drops from afar

It’s Christmas in Australia

When the mango turns yellow and ripe

And the Christmas bush turns pink

Christmas bells bloom

Surf comes in with a ‘boom’

And across the valley

Bellbird’s song echoes… ‘tink, tink’

It’s Christmas in Australia

The Southern Cross is nearly

Upside down

Very low in the south

Most clearly

It’s hot instead of cold

And the fir tree is a eucalypt

It’s Christmas in Australia

But the holy land too is dry and dusty

There was no sleigh or reindeer

Where Christ was born

We are close to God

The Holy Spirit is everywhere

Let’s wish and live by Peace and Goodwill

Happy Christmas everyone!